In this video I show how to make a Modustrial-designed DIY “Living Art” LED lamp from plywood and an LED matrix.  

The LEDs in the lamp are controlled by an Arduino Nano that creates colorful moving patterns, aka, “living art.”  However, it is also very practical for use as a desk lamp, table lamp, or bedside lamp, since an LED push button allows you to switch from the living-art mode to normal white-light modes, and a red-nightlight mode.   

I made three versions of this lamp – two out of bamboo plywood, and one out of walnut plywood.  You could use any type of plywood you like to build the lamp.

The electronics were designed to be very simple.  It can be built with NO SOLDERING.

To see the finished walnut version of the lamp, FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM:  || @modustrialmaker


• 16x16 LED Matrix:
• Arduino Nano: (pre-soldered)
• Arduino Nano Screw Terminal Shield: (pre-soldered)
• 5V Momentary LED push button: OR
• JST Connectors:
• Semi-transparent white acrylic sheet:
• Female Power Jack: (no solder) || (solder)
• Lever-nut Wire Connectors:
• 5V power supply:



• My favorite solder:
• Quality Soldering Iron:
• Blue Soldering Mat:


• Tap Drill Bit (for threaded holes):
• RZ dust mask:
• Bosch 18V cordless circular saw:
• Bosch 18V cordless Drill & Impact Driver Kit:
• Dewalt Table Saw w/ 32” Rip Capacity:
• Japanese Flush Cut Hand Saw:
• Dewalt 12” Miter Saw:
• Forstner Bits:

"Marble" Concrete Table wins Grand Prize in Instructables / Woodcraft Furniture Contest

I'm excited to announce that my concrete "marble" table with shou sugi ban base won the grand prize in the Instructables Furniture Contest sponsored by Woodcraft.  Thanks to everyone who voted for me!

Here is a link to the details and a gallery with all of the prize winners:

And of course, if you haven't checked out the video, now is the time!


Making a Waterfall Countertop with LED River Inlay || DIY Concrete (GFRC) || Mancave Makeover Ep. 1

New build video is up on my YouTube channel.  This video explains how to make a one-piece DIY concrete waterfall countertop with an inlaid river of flowing LEDs that cascades over the waterfall edge (using neopixel LED strips).   

This is the first of two videos for a mancave makeover at a friend's house.  Part 2 will be uploaded within the next week, and will show how to make and install a reclaimed wood feature wall with floating LED TV panel, and the installation of the cabinets.

The countertop is made from a glass-fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) concrete mix, which is pre-cast in a melamine form.  I made the mix from scratch (recipe links are below).  I mixed 280 lbs of the dry materials (including powdered pigment) all at once, so the color would be consistent.  I used 40 lbs for the face coat, and the remaining in batches for the back coat with glass fibers.

I used an off-the-shelf LED controller that has MUSIC REACTIVE modes, chasing modes, and solid color modes, with an RF remote, to control the WS2812 LED strips.  The LEDs are covered by a smoke grey transparent acrylic sheet, which is inlaid so it sits flush with the concrete countertop.