New Build Video is Up! Stunning and Simple-to-Make Concrete & Copper Coat Rack

In this video, I show how to make this DIY geometric concrete & copper pipe coat rack (or hat rack, or skateboard rack, whatever you prefer).  This build is really easy to do and fairly inexpensive.  It uses a cheap 3D PVC tile as the base of the form, to give the coat rack its geometric shape.  You can buy any sample of one PVC tile, to customize the geometric shape of the rack how you like.  

The project uses Fishstone GFRC concrete mix so that the tile can be cast at only ½” thick, and be light enough to hang on the wall.  This is a “just add water” mix, which is incredibly easy to use.

I embedded copper pipe pieces in the form and poured the concrete right around them, so that they would serve as posts for hooks.  I then used more copper pipe to build hooks in interesting shapes, around the embedded posts, after the concrete cured.

This was a fun experiment, and could lead to all kinds of things that could be made using this technique for PVC tile as a concrete form.  

A few edits to the commentary -- thanks to my subscribers for pointing these out!

1. Nail polish remover (not nail polish) cleans copper pipe.
2. I used a hot glue gun on the concrete form (not super glue).
3. The GFRC mix takes 1 gallon of water per 50 lb bag (not 1 lb).

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AR Glass Fibers:

Concrete Sealer:

3D Tile (Used for White Rack):

3D Tile (Used for Grey Rack):

Alternate 3D Tile Option 1:

Alternate 3D Tile Option 2:

Copper Pipe Cutter:

Spray Foam:

Turkey Cutter:

Super Glue:

Cake Fondant Tool for perfect edges:

Quality, but reasonably priced, concrete mixer:

RZ dust mask:


Dewalt Table Saw:
Bosch Drill and Impact Driver: 


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